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Safe Silo Filling System

Safe Silo Filling System

Our Safe Silo Filling Control Panels are designed and installed alongside customer requirements, to improve the safety of Silo filling procedure. These can be installed on a new Silo installation, or retro fit to upgrade the safety and performance of an existing Silo.
A typical installation will include the following:
• Silo Filter Control
• Fail Safe Pneumatic Butterfly Valve with position monitoring
• High Level/ Extreme High Level/ Low Level Monitoring
• High Pressure Switch
• Pressure Relief Valve including high and low pressure activation monitoring
• Air pressure monitoring
• Key Switch operation to ensure correct silo is filled
• Optional night time filling facility
• Klaxon Sounder Beacon

Our control system operates using a Programmable Logic Controller which can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. Our basic system is completely fail safe, preventing the Silo from being filled at too high a pressure or over filled. It also will not operate the fill valve if any of the components have failed.

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